Manual Peanut Sheller Machine For Sale With Hand Operation

Application of manual peanut sheller machine

Manual peanut sheller machine is used for dehusking peanut and groundnut . Victor brand manual peanut sheller machine is simple, low-cost ,it’s suitable for use by households and small cooperatives.

Peanut is a valuable and important crop which is cultivated almost throughout the world.They  provide smallholder farmers with more than a quarter of their annual agricultural cash income in some Africa country . The peanut must be cracked to obtain peanuts, so it can be further used for extraction of oil and used in food items.

The traditional way of removing peanut from groundnut is to crack it with hand,but when a large amount of nuts have to be work on this method which is consuming time .Peanut shelling in most Africa’s smallholder is predominantly done by hand. While hand shelling can keep low breakage rate of kernel,but it will take much labour and low productivity.also hand shelling puts enormous pressure on farmers.They are not only need shell groundnut before the marketing season ends,but also they need work on harvested fields. It’s necessary for them to use a groundnut decortication machine to help them out from heavy labour working.

Hand Operated Peanut Sheller
Manual Groundnut Sheller

Victor Farm Machinery has developed a hand operated peanut sheller machine,which is for the farmers in rural areas and in small industries .this manual peanut sheller is a kind of economical and high efficiency machine,it can easily break the groundnut shell without any electrical supply needed.

Hand Operated Groundnut Sheller Machine

Working Principle of Manual Peanut Sheller Machine

The hand operated peanut sheller is made of a hanging frame mounted in a metal housing with a concave screen bottom. As the frame is cranked, the nuts enter the space between the roller and the screen. In operation, groundnut in the hopper is fed into the clearance between the roller and the concave while the roller is turning. The peanut is then shelled by rubbing action between the roller and the screen. After the groundnut has been shelled, the kernel and the shell fall through the screen.

Manual Peanut Sheller Factory
Manual Peanut Sheller Factory

Technical parameters of manual groundnut sheller machine


video of peanut sheller machine

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