Rotary Drier Problem Paying attention to Drying Process

when we choose a rotary drier, we can depend on the model and material scope to choose specific options, that means the raw material play a very important role in the process of rotary drier selection; regardless of mixing dried material to slime rotary dryer even use manure dryer as the household dryer for drying things at home, they are bad to materials, but that does not mean that will cause material damage, but also often reach the rotary drier! we should pay attention to the chosen raw materials in drying process:

1,geographic characteristics of drying materials for rotary drier: the drying material morphology,water content, water content nature, crystal water, particle size, bulk density, viscosity, heat-sensitive, softening point, the phase transition point, thixotropic, toxic, corrosive, odor,combustible, explosive static, breathable, reunion, crystal etc. Overall, select slime drying machine according to the respective local energy and its own characteristics and advantages so that create the largest value.

2. The material morphology good for rotary drier: large molding wood, ceramics, and flaky,fibrous, granular, fine powder until the paste and liquid materials are industrial materials need to be dried; dryer is chosen first based materials morphology; 3.material characteristic during the drying process: in the drying conditions, drying curve, the critical moisture content, equilibrium moisture content, including heat-sensitive, some materials after heating can be discolored and decomposition deteriorated; in addition, in the drying.process, the contraction of the material will make molded articles crack or deformation, so that the product quality is reduced or even scrapped.

3. a variety of physical properties for rotary drier: density, bulk density, particle size distribution,heat capacity, and material adhesion functions; the level of adhesion function greatly impact feeding and discharging, if severe adhesion, drying process can not be carried out;

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