cassava chipper machine for sale with petrol & diesel engine

Petrol cassava chipper machine is mainly used to cut the fresh cassava roots,lotus root, sweet potato, cassava, carrot,banana,plantain, lemon and other fresh root system raw materials into chips.The thickness of chips can be adjustable 3~15mm. This slicing machine is adopting rotary cutter head which has features of good quality cutting section, even thickness and size slices, fresh cutting tissue and don’t destroy the fiber tissue,the productivity can get 1000~1500kg/h,it’s popular in food processing plant and chemical industrial factory.

Pwtrol Drive Cassava Shipper
Cassava Chipper Machine

In traditional cassava chips making, cassava is processed into chips by peeling, cutting into chunks manually ,and drying on the floor or by the roadside. It is estimated that more than 80 per cent of fresh cassava roots produced in Africa market are processed in this take too much labour.The cassava chipper machine should be an important tools for your farming.It can slice a cassava up in a few of seconds and your chips can dry in less than two hours, instead of days.

Thinner cassava pieces dry faster and at low moisture content levels of 13 per cent.the dry cassava chips can be used for food and cassava flour making.The yuca slicing machine remains a perfect tool for transforming your cassava into flour that can be sold at competitive prices on the market.

Cassava Chipping Machine
Cassava Chipper Machine Price

Features of Cassava Chipper Machine

1.this cassava chipper machine has widely application. Suitable for various fresh root system raw materials.

2.Electric motor and petrol engine ,diesel engine can be choose,meet different countries clients requirement.

3.High productivity low consumption, save labour cost, save time, high economic benefit. Suitable industrial commercial use.

4.Easy operated cassava chipping machine,less cost,good after-sale service and spare parts.Durable and long using life cassava chipper machine.

5.Offer OEM service, can custom-made various types yuca chipper machine.

Cassava Chipper Price For Sale
Yuca Chipper Machine Supplier
Cassva Chipper Machine Factory Manufacturer

Technical Parameters of Cassva Chipping Machine

Capacity (kg/h)1000~1500
Power (kw)2.2
Slice thickness (mm)3~15
Size (mm)600*550*950
Weight (kg)55

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