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Fertilizer disc granulator machine has a rounded disc angle and a granulation rate of over 93%, which is higher among all models of fertilizer granulator machine. The fertilizer disc granulator machine has 3 ports for discontinuous production of fertilizer granules, which reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency. The bottom of the disc granulator machine is firmly supported by several armored plates. Disc type pan granulator machine is your best choice for producing organic fertilizer pellets from chicken manure and cattle manure.

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Manure, such as sheep manure, cow manure, human manure, etc. can be processed into organic fertilizer with a disc granulator. But if you want to make NPK compound fertilizer, using rotary granulator is your best choice. The disc granulator is one of the best machines with the best granulation ratio among all fertilizer granulators.

As a manufacturer of disc granulator for various organic compound fertilizer machinery, we offer different types of disc granulators. They vary with inner diameter, side height and speed. Customers can choose the model they like to put into production according to their production situation, combined with their own plant and capital budget. There is no doubt that our disc pelletizer is the ideal fertilizer granulator for you.

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Features of Disc Pan Granulator machine

1.The disk granulator machine adopts circular structure, and the yield of compound fertilizer is expected to reach 93%.

2. The disk is made of strong iron material, which is sturdy and durable. Due to the strong, stable and durable base design, there is no need to use ground bolts to fix the base.

3. The pan lining is made of high-strength and corrosion-resistant plastic glass, with simple structure, high granular fertilizer output rate and easy maintenance.

4. The pan fertilizer granulator runs stably and reliably with low noise.

5. Used in our compound fertilizer production line and organic fertilizer production line

Working principle of pan granulator machine

The angle of the pelletizing disc is adjusted between 40° and 55°. The raw material powder in the mixer is evenly wetted by the atomized water and then the raw material is conveyed to the fertilizer disc pelletizer. The moisture of the raw material should be controlled at 20-30%. The material powder is added directly to the disc type fertilizer granulator, which rotates at a specific speed. Due to the adhesion and plasticity of the material, the granules combine with each other and grow gradually during the movement.

Pan Granulator Working Principle

Structure and features:

The disc granulator can be divided into four parts:

1. Frame part:

Since the entire drive part and rotating part of the pan granulator machine is supported by the frame, it is subject to high forces. Therefore, the frame parts of our machines are welded by high quality carbon steel plates and channels, and our machines have passed strict quality certification and specific technical requirements, all of which meet the requirements of pan granulator machine applications.

2. Adjusting part:

The most important part of the whole disk granulator machine is the pelletizing disc, and the whole center of gravity of the pelletizing disc is installed on the adjusting part. Our company adopts high quality carbon steel plate and channel steel welded together, and passed strict quality certification. All of them meet the requirements of this disc granulator machine.

3. Transmission part:

The transmission part of the whole machine is especially important, and the whole work is done according to it. The motors and reducers on the transmission adjustment frame are procured from ISO/9001 quality system certification exempted products with reliable quality.

4. Pelletizing disc part:

The pelletizing disc corner of this disc pan granulator machine adopts the overall arc design, the grain output rate can reach more than 92%, the bottom of the pelletizing disc adopts multiple pieces of radiation steel plate to strengthen, so our pan granulator machine is durable and never deformed.

Raw materials for disc granulator

The raw materials for making organic fertilizer can be animal manure, such as chicken manure, sheep manure, cow manure, organic waste, straw powder, grass powder, human manure, etc. In addition, you can add some trace elements, such as composite materials. Fertilizer disc granulator requires moisture of 20 – 30%, if it is higher than that, using our newly designed organic fertilizer pellet machine is the best choice.

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Inner diam(mm)

Side height(mm)

Rotation speed

( r/min )

Motor power

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