fertilizer pellet machine for sale making organic fertilizer

In addition to the double roll granulator and disc granulator used for making organic fertilizer pellets, we have a fertilizer pellet machine. The newly designed livestock manure granulator is a new type of fertilizer pellet making machine, which can granulate raw materials with 20 – 55% moisture. The fertilizer granulator is specially designed for granulating organic fertilizer pellets. This new fertilizer granulator was developed and designed by our engineers over a period of two years.

The fertilizer pellet machine can granulate various fermented organic materials, such as livestock manure, chicken manure, cow manure, straw meal, grass meal, bentonite, organic municipal waste, etc. The raw materials do not need to be dried before granulation, because the manure granulator requires the moisture content of 20–55%, and the crushed raw materials can be granulated directly. The finished granules are in the shape of round spheres, which can also save a lot of energy. The finished granules are firm and the drying energy consumption is greatly saved. Raw material moisture from 20–55% can be arranged

Organic Fertilizer Making Machine

Advantages of fertilizer making machine

1. Fertilizer granulator is a newly developed and patented product

2. Compost pelletizing, high moisture raw material

3. The fertilizer granulator does not need to be dried before granulation

4. The fertilizer granulator is energy saving and low consumption

5. 100% natural organism after processing

6. The production granules are spherical, the size of the granules can be 3 – 10mm

7. The organic matter content can be as high as 100%, to achieve pure organic matter granulation

8. Under the action of certain force, organic particles can mosaic each other to grow. Using this feature, no need to add binder when granulating.

9. Solid particles, after granulation, can be sieved to reduce energy consumption for drying.

10. Fermented organic matter does not need to dry, the moisture content of raw materials up to 20-55%.

11. the compost fertilizer pellet making machine is your best choice for making bio organic fertilizer granules with raw materials moisture above 20%,of course you can also choose pan granulator.

Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine

new design fertilizer granule making machine

new design fertilizer granlue making machine is applied to granulate all kinds of organic raw materials, which turns the waste into treasures and follows the trends of the organic fertilizer development. The quality of the fertilizer granules can be ensured at the same time, so this fertilizer machine is featured with low energy consumption, low production expenses and high production quantity, considered as best organic fertilizer granulator machine. It is the most widely used equipment in small scale organic fertilizer plant, and 50,000t/y production line!

Raw Materials for organic fertilizer pellet machine

The raw materials of organic fertilizer production are varied.
1. Agricultural Waste:
straws, cottonseed meals, mushroom residues, bio-gas residues etc.
2. Industrial Waste:
vinegar residues, sugar residues, lees etc.
3. Animal Manure or Sludge:
chicken manure, cow manure, horse manure, drainage sludge, river sludge etc.
4. Household Garbage: kitchen waste, food waste, restaurant garbage etc.

Fertilizer Making Machine

specification of fertilizer production machine


video of fertilizer making machine

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