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The whole organic fertilizer production line includes: fertilizer granulator, fertilizer dryer, rotary drum cooling machine,rotary drum coating machine,chain Crusher, rotary screening machine, Packaging Machines, belt conveyor and other accessories. this organic fertilizer production line is mainly used to granulating compound or organic fertilizers granules using material of npk ,dap organic materials and others into compound or organic pellets.

The organic fertilizer production line has advantages of running stable, low malfunction rate, small maintenance and low price.According to the capacity, the organic fertilizer production line is divided into 10,000 tons, 20,000 tons, 30,000 tons, 50,000 tons, 100,000 tons and 150,000 tons.
For organic fertilizer,materials can be animal poultry manure,straw,grass meal,bentonite, and so on.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Features of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

1. This organic fertilizer production line is not only suitable for organic fertilizer, but also bio-organic fertilizer if function bacteria is added, organic and inorganic fertilizer if nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is added.

2. The diameter of fertilizer can be adjusted according to customer’s need. There are various kinds of fertilizer granulators being provided in our factory, such as new type organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator,double roller granulator, and bio-organic fertilizer spherical granules granulator etc. Customers can produce different shapes of granules using our fertilizer pellet mills.

3. Widely application. the organic fertilizer production line can process different raw materials, such as animal manure waste, agricultural waste, ferment materials, etc. All those organic materials can be fermented and granulated into large-output organic fertilizers.

4. Highly automatic and high precision. The batching system and packing machine are controlled by computer to realize automation.

5. High quality, stable performance, easy to operate, highly automatic, long service life. We have taken full consideration of user experience when designing and manufacturing fertilizer machines.

when using double roller type organic fertilizer production plant? when you want to make both compound fertilizer granules and organic fertilizer granules,but do not want to change the equipment and increase the investment,besides when your production scale is small like 500kg/h,800kg/h,1000kg/h etc,we suggest that it is better to choose double roller type organic fertilizer production line to decrease the investment


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