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VTMJ seires rice grader machine is a newly development rice processing equipment with different size for kernels . Rice grading machine mainly used for white rice grading.White rice grading machine through different aperture sieve plate continuous screening principle ,separete whole rice ,broken rice ,bigger or smaller to get the good rice. The main structure of rice grading machine consists of feeding device, screen drum, driving device and machine body, etc. Every parts can be coordinating worked to achieve more perfect grading effect. Rice grader machine is widely used for coarse rice, grain, beans and seeds in grain processing factory and rice milling industry with high quality and large capacity.professional rice grading machine manufacturer supply different capacity rice grading machine.

Rice Grader Machine For Sale
White Rice Grader Machine

Features of rice grader machine

1.This rice grader machine is an automatic cleaning equipment protect screens from jaming with steady performance.

2.Rice grading machine with compact and reasonable structure,precise adjustment in small range on rotating speed.
3.Rice grading machine with 4 layers screens, separating whole rice in two times, more lower rate of broken content of head rice.

4.High quality material fabrication, longer service life, easy to operate and maintain rice grader machine supplier.

5.White rice grading machine adopting no- plug patent to guarantee sieve hole to turn smoothly and fluently.

6.Setting detachable front plate to achieve adhesives to clean conveniently.

7.This rice grading machine is much better of technological properties.After grading, which can reach to less than 5% of super rice and less than 25% of normal rice, less than 20%of head rice of big broken rice, the small broken rice may not contain head rice. So this rice grader machine is suitable for grade super quantity of broken rice in rice processing factory to meet the requirements of the provisions of the state.

Rice Grader Machine Cost

Technical parameter of rice grading machine













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