Grain peeler machine for peeling corn,wheat,beans

Zhengzhou Victor machinery provides big, medium and small grain peeler machine for each kind of grain, including corn,rice ,wheat,soya bean, garden peas, mung, black beans etc.Nowadays grain and beans are widely used in high grade cereal flour product, bean food, protein extraction etc. Following people’s diet change and satisfying people’s pursuit for food nutrient and health, Multi-functional grain peeling machine is mainly used for corn, rice, wheat,sorghum and so on, corn peeling machine can complete remove impurities, peeled, cleaning of variety grain at one time.

In addition, the finished products can be classified into coarse bran and peeled kernel.grain peeling machine is suitable for home and grain processing factory.Corn peeler machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable structure, convenient installation and use, easy debugging and maintenance, high efficiency and small loss.

Since the grian peeler machine has winnowing device to reduce the processing operations,significantly reduce labor intensity,and improve the ergonomics of this feature.we design and produce the most suitable beans peeling machine according to customer’s special situation or requirements. Grain peeling machine have been exported to Kenya, Mexico, Algeria, Philippines,Nigeria etc.

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Structure of grain peeler machine

This grain peeler machine is a horizontal iron roller grain peeling machine,grain peeling machine is mainly consists of feed inlet ,roller upper cover, lower seat, left and right wall plate, discharge hole, swing knife, sieve bottom,cleaning device and other parts. Corn peeling machine with a gap below the pluggable skateboards,used to control the incoming material. It plays a major role in the load of the grain peeling machine.

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Working principle of grain peeling machine

When the grain peeling machine working, the rotating shaft is driven by the power. The drum with spiral groove starts to rotate in the direction of the discharge end. The raw material enters the left end of the grain peeler machine through the open and closed discharge cover plate of the hopper. As there is a spiral groove on the surface of the drum, the raw material is transported and moved to the right.

Under the high-speed rotation of the drum, the studio generates internal pressure, forcing the grain and the knife to keep contact and friction and the shell is cut off. At the same time, the spindle pulley drives the wind drum to rotate, and the processed grain flows through the discharge port and separates in the cleaning room of grain peeler machine. According to the proportion of material is different, lighter bran in drum suction under the action of wind, along the filter screen (Angle) slowly down, complete the grain processing and finally into the bucket.

Grain Peeling Machine

Technical parameters of grain peeling machine








Roller diameter



Number of Roller


Feeding port size



Output port size



Peeling rate








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