paddy rice huller machine for hulling rice skin best price for sale

VTNL series rice huller machine adopts international advanced milling technology standard, being one of the most widely-used modern rice milling machineries in the world. Rice hulling machine has the advantages of long, consisting of hulling system and milling system, paddy rice hulling machine can finish hulling, milling, screening, finishing, bran separation process and as a whole, the paddy rice huller machine has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, small occupation area, low power consumption, short manufacturing process,high work efficiency,reduce the cost of grain processing,

Paddy rice hulling machine is a comprehensive type of rice processing combined rice machine. Paddy was vibrating screen, magnetic separation device into the machine, the rubber roll husker, winnowing, spray wind milling, continuously complete from valley to grind machining operation net shelling white,fine bran, chaff, blighted grain, rice are discharged out of the rice huller machine.

Automatic paddy rice huller with best price for rice bran content less, broken rice grains of bright light, integrity, accuracy up to mark more than one. The rice skin hulling machine can also be used for processing of oats,rice can achieve high rice whiteness and low broken rate, paddy rice huller machine is applied in rice milling production line and rice milling factory.

Rice Huller For Sale
Rice Hulling Machine Price

Features of rice huller machine

1.This rice hulling machine is easy to control and adjust for milling high quality and precision rice.

2.this rice huller machine has low rice breakage rate, high rice output whitened, low rice whitening temperature.

3.LN series rice hulling machine with various models to meet your requirement.

4.Automatic paddy rice hulling machine equipped with electricity current and negative pressure display to easy control.

5.Longer service life paddy rice huller machine with best price, easy to maintain and operate.

Rice Huller Machine Price
Rice Hulling Machine For Sale

Technical parameters of rice hulling machine



















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