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Nowadays,with the paddy growing development on the world, more and more advanced rice milling machine are required in the rice processing industrial. Some businessmen hold the choice to invest in rice milling equipment project at the same time,especially in some rice farming country ,such as Philippines,Thailand,Nigeria,Kenya etc.Price of rice milling project is the main concerning matter they pay attention to. Rice milling equipment have various capacity, type, and material. Compared the price, small scale rice milling project is much cheaper than large size rice milling project. For the whole rice milling project,after sales service also should pay more attention.Choosing a good rice milling machine supplier should base on affordable price and good after sale service.Good rice milling equipment project supplier can bring you more benefit,also supply project installation and operator training.

Rice Milling Machine Price Philippines

Victor rice mill have developed various rice milling project through years of scientific research and production practice.The research of Victor rice milling equipment is based on sufficient rice knowledge and professional practical experiences that also based on broadly communication and cooperation with our customers around world.Victor rice mill can provide complete rice mill plant from 18t/day to 100t/day, We have exported our rice mill machine to many countries in Africa, Asia and South American, VTN series rice milling project is warmly welcomed by our users and customers around the world.

Rice Milling Machine Price Philippines

Application of 100T/D rice milling project

VTN100 fully automatic rice milling project is a new generation rice milling equipment ,processing raw paddy from cleaning rough impurities such as leaves, straws and more, removing stones and other heavy impurities, then husking paddy into rough rice , separating rough rice to milling and clean rice,the last step is grading the qualified rice into different grades for packaging. This whole rice milling equipment begins from paddy cleaning to white rice packing, it is fully automatic controlled,which can produce rice 100 ton/day.

Rice Milling Equipment Project Price

This rice milling equipment include a series of continuous production sets that work from paddy cleaning,husking,rice and paddy separation,rice milling,grading.Main processing equipment include pre-cleaner,aspirator de-stoner,paddy husker,paddy separator,emery roll rice milling machine,white rice grader machine,and some other assistant device such as magnetic separator,winnower,bucket elevator, electric control,color sorter , and white rice packing machine,rice bran system etc.This rice milling machine is formed by linear and vertical arrangement etc. It also can be designed according to requirement of different users. Rice milling project applies to processing plants in urban and rural areas, farm, grain supply station, and granary and grain shop.

Rice Mill Plant Factory

Features of 100t/day rice milling project

1.This rice milling project can be used to process both long-grain rice and short-grain rice(round rice), which is suitable to produce both white rice and parboiled rice, high output rate, low broken rate.

2.VTN40 rice milling equipment equipped with vibration pre-cleaner and aspirator de-stoner, more fruitful on impurities and stones removing.

3.The rice hullers with auto feeding and adjustment on rubber rollers,  higher automation, more easy to operate.

4.Rice milling project matched with low temperature vertical type rice milling machine, high yield bring you high profit.

5.Usually use bag type dust collector to collect in high efficiency the dust, impurities, husk and bran during processing, bring you good working environmental.

6.High automation degree and realizing continuous automatic operation from paddy feeding to finished rice packing.

7.This rice milling equipment with various specifications ,which can meet the requirements of different users.

Rice Milling Machine Price Philippines

Technical Parameters of rice milling project









Usage of each machine


TQLZ125 vibration pre-cleaner machine120.55*21Pre-cleaner machine used for impurities removing
02TQSX125 aspirator




Aspirator stoner machine used for stone removing completely


MLGT51 paddy huller machine



5~7111Paddy huller machine for the rice husk removing
04MGCZ100*16 gravity paddy separator4~61.51

Gravity paddy separator is used for separating the husk and brown rice


MNMS25 rice milling machine4~5451Rice milling machine used for removing oil bran on brown rice.
06MMJP112*4 rice grader machine4~51.11

Rice grader machine used for high grade rice and broken rice separating.


TDG24 elevator



81.57For paddy and rice feeding and transporting



Control Panel



//1complete rice milling line are controlled by one electric cabinet, it becomes very easy when operating.



10Steel Operating Platform//1





(Including Collecting Dust System and its pipe)

12Installation Materials//1



Rice polisher machine ,rice color sorter machine ,packing machine is optional.It can be matched according to customer’s needs

Working Video of VTN100 Rice Milling Equipment

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