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deliver pet food processing plant to US

In April, we delivered a complete pet food processing plant to a US customer who will produce coarse ground dog food. This complete pet food processing plant includes conveyors, pet food extruders, dryers, cooling belts, flavoring units, etc. The complete pet food processing plant is made entirely of stainless steel. advantage of this pet food …

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delivery pellet machine for Bangladesh

This month Victor Pellet Mill exported and delivered two VTKLP-400 pellet mills to Bangladesh. Our customer from Bangladesh is using this feed pellet mill to produce straw pellets with an output of 1000-1200 kg per hour. This straw pellet mill exported to Bangladesh can not only process animal feed, livestock feed, cattle feed, rabbit feed, …

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diesel engine fish feed extruder

Using dry diesel engine fish feed extruder machine, can be processed into a variety of cereals, fish, catfish, shrimp, crab and other high-grade aquatic feed pellets. The finished pellets made by fish feed puffing machine have unique shape, good taste and balanced nutrition. It can be driven by electric motor and diesel engine. When driven …

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diesel engine fish feed machine

In order to make fish feed pellets, most people choose floating diesel engine fish feed machine. Because the fish feed pellets floating on the water surface can be easily eaten by fish. At the same time, it can limit the pollution of fish feed to the air. The floating fish feed pellets expand at high …

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Rice Color Machine

Application of color sorting machine in rice milling

The color sorting machine inspect rice by means of digital cameras and remove contaminants by a short burst of compressed air by using the colour difference. This machine has been successfully used in the rice milling industry for long time.The color sorting machine are used in the rice sorting cleaning to remove yellow rice ,black …

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Setting up rice milling business in Philippines

Rice has been a staple of the Filipino diet since time immemorial.Therefore,setting up a rice milling business in the Philippines can be a smart move.Do you want to know the steps to setting up a rice milling business in Philippines? As with any other type of grain processing business, there are two ways to make …

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Corn Sheller Machine

Maize thresher machine price

Maize is a valuable cereal grain crops. consumption of maize in the world is more than 116 million tons.In Sub-Saharan Africa, 50% of the population consumes maize while the entire African continent accounts for 30% of global Maize consumption.Nigeria being the largest African maize producer, her production is slightly over 10 million tons of maize, …

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Poultry Feed Production Line

Set up 1PTH poultry feed production line

In March, VICTOR Pellet Mill supplied a poultry feed production line for an African customer in Mozambique, mainly producing chicken feed pellets and cattle feed pellets. Generally, the poultry feed production line process consists of the following steps: 1. First, the raw materials or feed ingredients required by the animals are crushed into powder form by a …

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Rice Milling Factory

Set up a complete rice mill plant project

Maybe you have an idea of starting a rice milling business, but the only problem is that you have to raise money for Rice mill plant Setup. As in any project, the cost of setting up rice mill plant project is dependent upon diverse factors. Apart from the capacity, various aspects including the level of …

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Harvester Machine

self walking wheat harvester

self walking type small combined wheat harvester machine is a kind of multi-functional combined wheat harvesting machine, which is mainly suitable for small scale rice and wheat harvesting. It combines reaping, threshing, stripping, winnowing and packing into a single process. It relieves the farmers from heavy grain crops harvesting work. And it is well received …

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Ring Die Pellet Mill Machine

what is ring die pellet press machine? Ring die pellet mills are another popular type. They are of higher quality than flat die pellet mills. Ring die pellet mills are more commonly used than flat die pellet mills for commercial and high-volume plants such as chicken feed, pig feed, duck feed, fish feed, cattle feed, …

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sinking fish feed pellet mill

Ring die sinking fish feed making machine is a large pelletizer designed to make animal feed pellets and submerged fish feed pellets from powdered raw materials. This large pelletizer is the main equipment indispensable in the feed production process. It has a large capacity of 1-20t/h and can manufacture pellets from 1.5 mm to 12 …

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