How To Peel My Corn Skin
video of peeling corn

Corn peeling machine which is a new idea type of high efficient machine for peeling corn, can meet the demand of house hold,family use,or small,medium farm use. People use  this new idea machine to process corn instead of old-type manual hand machine which reducing labor and addition, it provides an effective method to avoid corn being rotten becau……

Video Of Peeling And Threshing
video of peeling and threshing

this type of two in one new idea peeling and threshing machine is used for farmer or home to process maize which is combined two functions,at one time and same time,the threshing machine can peel and thresh maize kernels without damaging the kernels and corn cob,it is has light weight and small power consumption only 2.2–3kw is enough but with high p……

Manual Corn Planter
seed row planter machine details

manual seed row planter is mainly used for small farm land or your own home land to plant corn,peanut,soybean and so on, it can seed single seed or double seed by adjusting,at the same time it can fertilize with seeding.when you buy this type of manual seed row planter we can give you a special peanut planting device for is convenient and light for……

Maize Shucking Machine
Corn Shucker Machine Working Principle

this newly designed corn shucker machine main structure includes machine body, feeding hole,motor stand frame,the main transporting shaft installed on the shaft frame is connected with the motor through belts,the main shaft is the core part of the corn shucker machine,there are screw rod and rubber nails on the main shaft, which are not on the same horizon……

Corn Shucking Machine
Corn Shucking Machine Structure

basic structure 1.frame stand 2.feeding hopper 3.two rubber rollers and two iron rollers for removing skins 4. electric motor or diesel motor 5.corn skin discharging holes 6.corn cob discharging holes basic working principle corn goes into the 4 rollers room,the 4 rollers rotates,friction,pressure and pushing to remove the skins from the corn cobs,corn ski……

Newly Naize Thresher Advantages
maize thresher machine advantages

agriculture and grains are basic products for human being especially corn which has  thouands of history and old grains,almost everywhere maize are planted. in acient  days,people process maize by hand to tear the skins of corn and take off the kernel  by simple tools even by hand. as society developed,the first maize thresher machine  is born  which is ha……

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