soybean sorter machine vibrating soybean separating machine

The soybean cleaning machine separate the soybeans from the chaff .soybean sorter machine is made up of machine frame, 4 transport wheel,drive part,gravity winnowing platform,draught fan, air suction duct, screening surface part.the soybean cleaning machine is convenient to move and flexible to replace the screen mesh.Light impurities can be sucked out by air cleaning system. Then the remaining material will enter into each vibratory sieving surface by different size.

Soybean Cleaning Machine

the soybean sorter machine has the wide application for wheat, durum, maize corn, rye, beans, oats, buckwheat, millet, sesame,sunflower seed, sorghum, lentils, cumin and paddy, and any other flower seeds or grass seeds. soybean seed cleaning machine separate the wheat from the chaff grain is our mature professional sieving /sorting /screening/ classifying machine for grain seeds like wheat, barley, corn, beans, paddy, cotton seed and camellia. After harvesting,threshing or shelling,

Wheat Cleaning Machine
Soybean Sorter Machine

there are some straw impurities or coarse or some dirty things inside the grain seeds, our HYL-25 is mainly working on the principle of combine function of gravity separator and triple screen layers with air blower system which can sorting out the dirty impurities so that make the grain seeds clean. The cleaning rate could be 98%.

video of soybean sorter machine

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