diesel engine water pump for farm irrigation with best price

victor diesel engine water pump is widely used in various countries, with 2″,3″,4″ inlet and outlet diameter, it’s suitable for agricultural irrigation, landscaping, large-area irrigation, flood prevention, drainage, and emergency rescue etc.

The whole diesel engine water pump is made of 3 parts ,pump head ,driven power ,frame.Pump head is a self-priming centrifugal pump.VICTOR brand centrifugal pumps produced in strict accordance with the China standard,which mainly consist of impeller,casing, sealing ,bearing body etc ,it’s suitable for convey clear water or others whose properties similar to water. The farm irrigation pump can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine or gasoline engine for users different needs, the power motor connect with the pump directly by a coupling , another is the power machine and pump rotate through the pulley .

The power of water pump can be diesel  engine or gasoline engine ,the user can select as required.the irrigation pump can match with wheel and handle ,it can make  this farm irrigation pump easy to move for anywhere, fast taking water out, soon make good work.which is easy to move in the fields,also easy to assemble and dis assemble

Movable Irrigation Pump
Diesel Engine Water Pump

Features of diesel engine water pump

1.Widely application:Farm irrigation pump can be used for watering irrigation of fruit trees, land and farm land

2.Variety power choice:Be able to connect any similar engines,such as electric motor ,diesel engine etc.

3.Strong power:Powered by air-cooled diesel engine.

4.Reliable:Simple in structure,reliable in performance,Pumps of mechanical seal and packing seal are available

5.Portable:Light in weight,easy in maintenance.

6.Long running time:Big fuel tank,continuous operation.

7.Trust supplier:Cost-effective and endurable ,abundant optional parts, such as fast coupler, pipe clamp, etc.

Farm Irrigation Pump

Technical parameters of farm irrigation pump

ModelFlowLiftSpeedPowerIn/Out Dia.
Working way:Continuous working


Application:agricultural irrigation, landscaping, large-area irrigation, flood prevention, drainage, etc

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