sorghum thresher machine,millet thresher with multi function

When wheat, barley, sorghum, paddy rice or other grains are harvested, the grain must be separated from the rest of the plant before it can be used to make flour. This separation process is called threshing. In the agriculture of today, threshing is done with machines called grain thresher machine. Victor farm machinery has developed lots of excellent agricultural products after years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery.grain millet thresher machine is mainly used for threshing the wheat, rice, sorghum, barley, millet, etc.

sorghum thresher machine is efficient and can thresh rice and wheat thoroughly. sorghum thresher machine has the features of compact structure,beautiful shape and reliable operation, high production rat, good threshing performance and few loss of grain etc., Grain millet thresher machine is one of our popular products with mature technology. the grains sorghum is a good helper for farmers. we have another type of multifunction grain sheller good for your choice!

Sorhum Thresher For Sale

Grain sorghum thresher machine constitutes of racks, concave screen, drum, cover, main fan, the second suction fan, motor or diesel, vibrating screen, traction-driven device and so on. The thickened working platform makes it more safe and durable.

Features of sorghum thresher machine

1.High Efficiency: This grain sorghum thresher machine has combined working with separate winnowing so that the grain, wheat bran, wheat straw would be separated and cleared at one time. It can thresh various crops in high efficiency, separate husks and remove dust from the production mixture.the capacity of this millet thresher machine can reach 2000~2200kg/h.

2.Reliable Quality: our sorghum thresher machine is highlighted with compact structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, scientific design and superior quality. Besides, it is anti-acid, anti-rust, and moisture proofed. The assignments are of good quality, each index has reached national specification.

3.Cost-saving: The sorghum threshing machine has the advantages of high removal rate and low breakage, which eases harvesting and further reduces post-harvest losses and save labor cost at the same time.

4.High Security: The motor control is equipped with over current, overload and short circuit protection.

5.The power is widely available, such as the motor, diesel engine,so this grain millet thresher machine is popular in Africa ,especially for the power lack area. Welcome to make your purchase.

Millet Thresher Machine Price
Millet Thresher Machine Price

Technical Parameters of millet thresher machine





11kw motor

15hp diesel engine






paddy rice and sorghum thresher machine video

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