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Do you plant rice, wheat, beans, sorghum or millet? or are you in the business of agriculture grains? If you are looking for a agriculture multi crop thresher sheller machine to thresh them, why not to choose our multifunction grain sheller? I promise that you will get a big benefit from such a multifunction grain sheller machine.

Multi crop thresher machine is used for threshing of corn, pearl millet, sorghum, soybean,rice,wheat and adzuki bean.Pearl millet is a nutritious cereal grain that grows in some of Africa’s most famine-prone regions, producing reliable yields in dry, hot climates with poor soil quality. Though pearl millet is a major source of nutrition for the rural poor, the multi crop grain sheller machine production and market potential are limited by inefficient and labor-intensive traditional processing methods.Victor brand multi crop millet sheller machine was invented to help smallholder farmers increase their yields of pearl millet grain while minimizing their drudgery. The diesel engine millet sheller machine can be owned collectively by cooperatives, individual households, or by businesses, who can process their grain at their convenience and use it for local consumption, or sell it at local markets.

This multi crop grain sorghum sheller machine is designed according to various grain agronomic requirements, draw on the performance of other sheller machines, this multifunction grain sheller machine adopt single-phase electric operation,reasonable and simple structure ,stable and reliable performance the adjustment is convenient to use, which not only saves labor but also reduces labor intensity.With less loss rate and high threshing, cleaning rate .Sorghum sheller machine can effectively solve the needs of various grain threshing and can produce better economic and social benefits for the majority of farmers and production enterprises.

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Features of multi crop thresher machine

1.Multi crop grain sheller machine is efficient and can thresh rice and wheat throughly. Millet sheller machine has the features of compact structure, beautiful shape and reliable operation. Featured by its high production rate, good threshing performance and few loss of grain etc., sorghum sheller machine is a good helper with farmers. the multifunction sorghum sheller machine has wide application range, convenient and safe, high production efficiency, low damage rate and low loss rate.

2.Multi functional sorghum sheller machine is mainly composed of motor,racks, concave screen, drum, cover, main fan, the second suction fan, vibrating screen, cleaning and settlement.The diesel millet sheller machine is powered by 3kw single-phase electric motor, gasoline engine or diesel engine .

Multifunction Grain Sheller Machine
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3.sorghum thresher machine using the gap between the welding rod teeth and the concave plate, after the grain seed is removed by rotating, raking, grabbing, beating,When working, the multifunction grain sheller machine will feed the threshing material into the threshing drum. the air bubbles and the straw vibrating by the air suction and the vibrating screen of the fan are used. The grain seed and straw completed the threshing separation and sorting operation once, and the removal rate reached 99%.

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Working principle of multi crop sorghum sheller machine

The multi crop sheller machine consists of a feeding hopper, a drum, a screen and a shelf.It integrates threshing, separating, straw chopping as a whole and can be used for wheat, barley, rice, sorghum, millet, beans and rapeseed.The special design towards bigger inlet make it convenient to place raw materials. In addition,It is better to choose crop with 80% moisture,which can reduce breakage rate.

When the multi crop sorghum sheller machine is working, the crops are fed continuously and evenly. The crop is separated from the stalk by friction, extrusion, collision and shaking between the rack on the drum and the screen.after grain is separated from the stalk, and the stalk is blown out by the draught fan. Meanwhile,the kernels comes out from another outlet.

Power Of Grain Thresher Machine

Technical Parameters of multifunction grain sheller machine






Capacity (kg/h)



Power (kw/hp)



Power Type

Electric motor / gasoline engine / diesel engine

Electric motor / diesel engine

Size (mm)







Multi crop grain sheller machine for millet threshing

Multi crop grain sheller for sorghum threshing

Multi crop grain sheller machine for corn peeling and threshing

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