List Of farm Machinery Equipment


hand crank corn sheller machine

hand crank corn sheller is a small kind of sheller machine for threshing maize powered by hand,which features on simple structure,high rate of threshing,and easy of use and maintain-ance.the hand operated corn sheller is reliable and safe.Because it is not control by the power,so it is more convenient in using.the hand powered corn sheller is much …

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Farm Irrigation Systems

farm irrigation systems

farm irrigation systems is a turbine-driven farm watering machine which is designed for fully mechanized and labor-saving irrigation.the farm irrigation systems has simple structure,high degree of automation, strong adaptability, simple operation and multistage speed, the hose reel farm irrigation system is the best ideal water-saving farm irrigation machine and this type farm irrigation equipment also can …

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Rice/Wheat Thresher Machine

the wheat thresher machine has small size and light weight,highly movable which is very suitable for home use,this kind of small home use small wheat thresher machine can be driven by electricity or diesel engine.this mini wheat threshing machine can not only thresh wheat,but also can thresh soybean,rice,rape seed,and sorghum,what is more, if you change …

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Corn Thresher Machine

Corn Threshing Machine

The corn threshing machine is popular both in farm and factory after they harvest corn and it can thresh varies sizes corn.this corn machine has small size and movable,light weight,but high production yield.shelling clean with good kernels.the maize threshing machine can be driven by diesel or electric motor. it is the most popular hammer throwing type equipment which is …

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Corn Peeling Machine

corn peeling machine is mainly made up with screw rollers and rubber rollers,which can in effect remove the skins of corn,shucking rate can reach to 96–98%,borken rate is below 1%,loss rate is below 2%.the maize peeling machine will not break the kernels when removing the skins,and it just only need 2.2–3kw,which is very suitable for small farm or …

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One Row Hand Planter Machine

this small manual corn planter belongs to one row sowing,operated by hand,which is very suitable for private small farm land,the one row hand seeder machine can plant corn,soybean,peanut,just only need to change the sowing device to achieve multifunctional manual hand corn the same time of seeding crops,the machine can also fertilizing for the soil.this kind of small …

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Corn Peeler Thresher Kenya

Combined Peeler Thresher Machine

corn thresher machine and peeler machine has combined multifunction, at the same the corn peeler thresher machine can peel the skin and thresh the kernels from the corn cob,but will not damage the kernels because rubber hammer roller is adopted to thresh ,also we have left-right combination and up-down combination type corn peeler machine. this …

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Self Walking Corn Planter

Self-walking Seed Planter Machine

this type self-propelled corn seed planter machine is a kind of multifunctional small seed planter,just only one person can operate it,which is very suitable for small land,dry land farm use,the seed planter machine can drill corn seed,wheat,soybean,peanut at the same time fertilizing,weeding,ditching,ridging and so is driven by diesel engine or gas engine,do not need any electricity …

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Precision Planter Machine

Precision Planting Machine

The high precision corn seed planting machine is simple mechanism and easy to operate, you can chose from two types, one for single seed, the other for double seeds. This kind of precision seed planting machine must be driven by the four-wheel tractors,and it also sows the crystalline granule fertilizer while seeding. the corn seeder machine can finish furrowing,fertilizing,seeding,covering …

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Precision Planter Machine

Drum Corn Seeder Machine

this drum rotating type of corn seeder machine can seed corn, soybean, peanut  with free ploughing,the drum corn seeding machinecan plant 2 row,3 row,4 row,5 row,6 row,which can at one time do loosing soil,fertilizing,ditching,seeding,etc.the corn seeding machine is very suitable for flatland,hilly areas to plant maize,soybean,and so on.the drum rotating corn seeder machine is driven by tractor,it has …

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