automatic fertilizer packing machine for organic and compound

this type of autamatic packing machine has automatic weighing and siewing system with double weighing and micro computer controling.this weighing and packing machine is widely used in packing suger pellet,seeds,fertilizer granules,animal feed pellets,and other pellet form materials or powder form materials.and also, the automatic weighing and packing machine is the necessary equipment in large scale compound/organic fertilizer production line

Features of automatic Packing Machine

1.Self-calibration and manual calibration, the microprocessor in the course of their work using automatic correction of measurement to overcome the long-term use and environmental temperature changes caused by the error.
2.With the correct sensor function, helping to reduce sensor errors, automatic packing machine improve accuracy of measurement and control system.
3.With complete network communication,automatic packing machine has host computer for high speed and efficiency of data exchange

Fertilizer Packing Machine

Automatic Quantitative Fertilizer Packager Application:

This fertilizer packing machine is mainly used for automatic quantitative packaging of granular, strips, block, and granular-powder materials, such as organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, urea, nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, feed, rice, wheat, washing powder, Chinese medicine granular, melon-seed, salt, foodstuff, and hardware etc.

Advantage of Automatic Quantitative Fertilizer Packing Machine:

The automatic control of the packaging system manufactured by us can greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality. Besides the fertilizer packing machine can also greatly eliminate the error caused by the packaging process and the print of label, and effectively reduce the working intensity of workers and the consumption of energy and resources. Fertilizer Packaging Machine is an indispensable equipment in both organic fertilizer production line and compound fertilizer production line!

 specification of automatic packing machine

PowerMain power:0.55kw,sewing power:0.37kw,transport power:0.37kw
Packing capacity400–800bags/h
Packing range25–50kg/bag
Overall dimensions 3000X900X2700mm
Bags materialsWoven bag,cloth bag,plastic bag,sacks bag,etc
Made of materialsConnection part with packing materials is made of 304 stainless steel
Packing materials rangeFeeds,fertilizer,grain,seeds,chemical materials,powder etc
Sewing deviceAutomatic sewing and transporting

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