manure dewater machine for separating poultry animal manure

This manure dewatering machine is the key equipment for manufacturing organic fertilizer using animal manure, such as chicken manure, pig manure, sheep manure, cow/cattle manure, and in some countries people use to turn the final manure into feed pellets or organic fertilizer granules. manure separator machine is widely used for high moisture and water separation, such as residue, sludge, manure and other dewatering, the material can be stripped off a large amount of water, greatly reducing the burden of the rotary dryer, significantly increasing the output, significantly reducing energy consumption, drying before high moisture drying essential for processing such as granulation, fermentation, crushing, etc.

The manure dewatering equipment can separate cattle manure, sheep manure, chicken manure and other livestock and poultry manure into raw liquid manure and solid manure. Liquid organic manure can be used directly for crops, while solid organic manure can be granulated into fertilizer balls. In organic fertilizer production, dewatering is the first step, and the manure dewater machine is the necessary equipment, which is followed by fermentation of the raw material using a composter to increase the organic matter. The final manure can be turned into fertilizer pellets by a fertilizer granulator.

Manure Dewater Machine

Features of Manure Dewater Machine

1.this dung separating machine Has a reasonable structure, small size, low speed, high efficiency,
2.low moisture materials, dehydration uniform, continuous operation,
3.high degree of automation, energy saving, easy maintenance and so on.
4 low power computations ,low invest, high efficiency
5. the manure dewater machine compact structure
6. main parts of the manure dewater machine use stainless steel

Manure Dewatering Machine

Parameters of Manure Dewater Machine



Speed reducer

Rotating speed








Water pump3.0 1450Water distance 15-20m

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