combined rice mill machine for sale driven by diesel engine

VTSB rice mill machine has attractive appearance, compact structure as well as the simple and safe operation. Combined rice mill machine mainly resolved some defects of other similar machines, such as the coarse chaff, air pollution in workshop.Besides, this SB rice mill machine is equipped with devices of chaff absorbing, chaff ejecting and chaff crushing.Combined rice mill machine could automatic separate chaff from the finished rice and cooperate with paddy rice husker, rice destoner machine to set up a complete rice mill plant.

then process paddy into finished rice by once.So the finished production has the following characteristics: much white rice,pure finished rice with low temperature,less husks ,fine-chaff, high output, low consumption of power, and it’s easy to keep workshop clean.SB combined rice mill machine is indeed the ideal rice mill machine for paddy rice  processing.this combined rice mill machine can be driven by electric motor and diesel engine.

Combined Rice Mill Machine For Sale

Features of combined rice mill machine

1.Higher capacity

This comibined rice mill machine applicated a unique feeding technique ,the main milling parts was made by rubber can improve the capacity of machine.

2.High mill yield

SB combined rice mill machine can be applied in variety brown paddy.include sharp rice and round rice.Rubber roller and iron roller can complementary .

3.Low milling temperature

this vertical type of our combined rice mill machine can keep low milling temperature in working process .for this machine with flow can reduce

4.Low breakage rate

Compared with single iron roller combined rice mill machine,the paddy after rubber roller hulling,it will be much easiler for iron ruller hulling.combined rice mill can reduce the breakage rate of rice and make the rice whiter.

5.Durable rubber roller

Double roller processing system to improve the service life of combined rice mill .The rubber roller can peel the brown skin and iron roller can peel and white rice.Tow processing system in one passing rice mill.

6.Automatic processing

SB rice mill machine put the rice into feeding hole,then the white rice and chaff will out from different outlet.After paddy passing the rubber roller and get to iron roller ,the rice and chaff was out in separate ways.

7.Easy to replace spare parts

The combined rice mill machine with simple structure ,it’s easier for user to replace the spare parts .

8.Diesel drive rice mill

Diesel rice mill can be driven by diesel ,gasoline engine ,electric motor .diesel engine and petrol engine rice mill machine suitable for areas where electricity is lacked.

Diesel Rice Mill Machine

Working principle of SB combined rice mill machine

Firstly the paddy is poured into the feeding hopper of combined rice mill machine, and they are separated from sundries by the vibration sieve. Then the cleaned paddy passes by the magnet device through the flash board of the hopper for removing sundries, afterwards they are carried by the feeding roller to the two rubber-roller husker for husking. The flux adapter of SB combined rice mill machine adjusts the feeding speed. The quick roller and the slow roller rotate reverse with 3.6mps difference of line speed, and their rotate-speed proportion is 1:1.35.

The rate of husking is more than 95%, the clearance between the two rollers is adjusted by the clearance adjustor. After husking, the chaff blower blows the chaff in the mixture out of the machine. The runtish paddy flows out of the combined rice mill machine through the paddy outlet, and brown rice goes into the milling room for milling, lastly it goes out through the rice outlet as finished rice.

In the process of VTSB rice mill machine milling, the high-pressure blower blows the air continually into the hollow core of the main shaft to cool the milling room and ensure the finished rice clear and bright, less broken, and make the chaff ejecting smoothly. The gravity-used device near the rice outlet and adjust the whiteness of rice, fine chaff is expelled out of the diesel rice mill machine through the pore of the hexagon sieve.

Combined Rice Mill Machine
Combined Rice Mill For Sale

Technical parameters of combined rice mill machine







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video of diesel engine rice mill machine

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