paddy rice mill production plant manufacturing and processing yellow rice

VTLN15 type complete rice mill production plant is a complete set of rice milling processing equipment,which is composed of paddy destomer, dust removal, stone removal, rice milling and polishing. Paddy rice mill production plant with good stone removal effect, fast shell breaking speed and good grain separation effect.This rice processing plant with small machine vibration, simple operation and fast rice output.The paddy rice processing plant has crystal clear translucent, fast gravity screen sieve speed and gravity sieve screen surface.Residues and other characteristics.

This complete rice mill processing plant is equipped with a polishing machine,rice mill machine,rice destoner machine etc,and has a large output, small footprint, compact structure, easy operation etc.paddy rice processing plant can meet the needs of small and medium-sized rice milling enterprises,complete rice mill production plant is also an ideal replacement of modern brand, large-scale rice industry company product.

Rice Processing Plant

Features of complete rice mill production plant

1.Fully automatic complet rice mill  production plant, less power consumption.
2 Simple operation, the whole operation can be operated by only one person.
3.Paddy rice mill processing plant starts with innovative design and highly efficient transmission technology,that provide unbeatable milling performance with a minimum of complexity.
4.Matched a polishing machine, users can flexibly polish white rice for different rice, reduce the broken rice rate of finished rice and satisfy different rice polishing process requirements.
5. The processed rice can be bagged directly to reduce labor intensity.

6.We are complete rice mill processing plant manufacturer which have rich experiences of building the rice processing plantat abroad successfully, and received high reputation from our customers for good quality, best price as well as professional technical support.

Rice Production Plant

Machines of paddy rice processing plant

This complete rice mill processing plant which is equipped with the automatic feeding device, cleaning sieve, stone separator machine, iron roller paddy husker, husk separation, gravity sieve for paddy and brown rice separating, iron roller milling machine, iron roller polishing machine, broken rice grading machine, electrical control cabinet, this paddy rice mill production plant can also equip a special bran crusher.

Rice Processing Plant Cost

Technical parameter of complete rice mill production plant

Product Model: VTLN15
Supply voltage: 380V
With power: 28.97 kw

Processing capacity: 700-800Kg/h
Overall dimensions (length * width * height): 5000*2000*2900mm
Applicable objects: long shape rice ,round shape rice,millet

video of paddy rice processing plant

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