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Before the paddy goes to rice milling machine,the farmer or the rice processing factory need clean the paddy to removes unwanted materials.Paddy rice cleaning will improve the drying and storability of paddy, reduce breakage during milling and improve milling output and quality.normally there are two ways to cleaning the paddy: winnowing and screen.

Winnowing can blow off lighter materials such as unfilled grains, chaff, weed seeds and straw.but winnowing only can remove the light impurity. Other heavy particles like heavier weed seeds, off types, stones and dirt might still be included in the rice.Screening can pick out smaller and heavy materials such as weed seeds, soil particles and stones by sieve.but it’s not good in large impurity such as straw, chaff, and unfilled grains.

Paddy Cleaner Machine

Victor brand 5X-50 paddy rice cleaner machine combined the process requirements of winnowing, sieving separating. This paddy cleaner machine is mainly used for cleaning paddy,wheat, soybean,corn,maize,peanut in grain processing.paddy rice cleaner machine is not simply put the vibration cleaning sieve, winnowing machine together, the engineer make sure that the materials work on these two different parts. paddy rice destoning machine removes stones, mud and other heavy impurities from grain based on diffferent gravity ,which is between the grain and heavy impurities. Paddy rice cleaner machine is ideal machine for removing the stones that having the similar size and shape with grain kernels.

Paddy Rice Cleaning Machine

Features of paddy rice cleaning machine

1.This paddy rice cleaner machine matched durable sieve, it is more suitable for the raw grains that with more stones,higher stone-removing efficiency.

2.Different sieves driven by two vibrating motors, suitable for cleaning large and small impurities.

3.With external fan,well-sealed construction, no dust leakage, dust and light impurities can be removed by air suction system.

4.Paddy rice cleaning machine adopt self-aligning bearing with looseness prevention device so as to make the mechanical property steadier.

5.Paddy rice cleaner machine adopt reciprocating mechanism with rubber bearing, less vibration, low noise.

Paddy Cleaning Machine
Paddy Rice Cleaner

Parameters of paddy rice cleaner machine













Cleaning rateMore than 98%More than 98%More than 98%More than 98%

video of paddy rice cleaner machine

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