Maize Thresher Machine In Nigeria
Maize thresher machine price

Maize is a valuable cereal grain crops. consumption of maize in the world is more than 116 million tons.In Sub-Saharan Africa, 50% of the population consumes maize while the entire African continent accounts for 30% of global Maize consumption.Nigeria being the largest African maize producer, her production is slightly over 10 million tons of maize, follo……

Rice Harvester
self walking wheat harvester

self walking type small combined wheat harvester machine is a kind of multi-functional combined wheat harvesting machine, which is mainly suitable for small scale rice and wheat harvesting. It combines reaping, threshing, stripping, winnowing and packing into a single process. It relieves the farmers from heavy grain crops harvesting work. And it is well ……

Multifunction Grain Thresher Machine For Sorghum
grain thresher machine development

Hand threshing in old times one of the simplest grain thresher equipment for threshing sorghum,wheat,millet,rice, is to pick up the sheaf of the grains sorghum and strike the panicles against a hard surface.Another frequently-used method of threshing sorghum is to trample it underfoot.Threshing sorghum, as well as wheat,rice,soybean,peanut,or gro……

Post Harvest Equipment Manufacturer
Post harvest equipment manufacturers

Farm machinery or agricultural machinery is a kind of machinery ,it’s used in farming or other agriculture. agricultural machinery is an indispensable part of how the world is fed.Since the advent of mechanized agriculture,there are many types of such farm machinery, from hand tools to power tools,such as tractors ,plough planter,harvester,thresher ……

Corn Peeler Sheller Machine
corn peeler thresher machine for Kenya

On the April 2019,one of our customer from Kenya has ordered 2 sets corn peeler thresher machine .According to his needs ,we have matched petrol engine and diesel engine for him.he wanna test this corn machine and it will decide his future order .he said corn is the important cereal crops in Africa ,he wanna sell this corn peeler and thresher machine in K……

Groundnut Decorticator
Peanut decorticator machine for Sudan

Peanut also is known as the groundnut which is a legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds. Groundnut grown on over 22.2 million hectares worldwide, it has been used for decades as an important protein-rich source for people in developing countries, while its oilseed, cake and haulms are used traditionally as animal feed.It is widely grown in the trop……

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