peanut sheller machine for sale
peanut shelling machine work

The structure of peanut shelling machine: Basically, the structure and principle of all kinds of peanut shellers are similar with hand-feeding, double drum for secondary shelling, wind primaries, gravity separation sieve for selecting, secondary threshing of peanut fruit and automatic feeding. 6HB-40B peanut sheller is mainly composed of motor, frame, feed……

paddy huller machine operation

rice milling machine performance matters a lot to the whole rice processing process. Now, let’s mainly talk about rice milling machine importance. Rice milling machine can remove the corn bran and is the basic section in rice milling. Rice embryo and rice endosperm is enfolded by the germ layer. And after milling, it can help the separation between rice em……

best blender for nuts and seeds
seed coating machine

seed coating machine can coat film for peanuts,garlic,corn,wheat,soybeans,seeds,cotton seed,vegetables, and other seeds,seed dressing continuous operation speed, high yield and a multi-purpose, low breakage rate, packet coat evenly.The seed coating equipment is adopted in flowers,field seeds,vegetables,and other granular coating process to  improve seed qu……

different types of farm irrigation systems

Because irrigation systems is a critical part of modern farming today, there are many different farm irrigation systems available to do this. With the right installation, it is possible to keep unlimited acres of fields productive, even when they are far from any water source of water or if rainfall is not sufficient. there are 4 different types of farm ir……

sprinkler irrigation system
sprinkler irrigation system video

working prinple of farm sprinkler irrigation system the pressure water will drive the rotation of the hydro-turbine and the reel plate throughneither multi-step speed regulation mechanism to realize the even reversing of PE pipes and sprinkler wagon and at the same lime, enter to the sprinkler through PE pipes or carry out nor mal sprinkling. With simple ……

rice husker machine
rice huller machine video

The rice husker machine is designed for separate of paddy from the brown rice and paddy on the principle of density.this rice huller machine can be equipped with other rice processing equipment,After processing ,the rice can be separated in to 2 type ,white rice and brown husk. features of rice dehusking machine 1. This series rice dehusker machine is the……

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